Meet Our Natori

A student of Japanese classical dance that is accredited by the school to perform in that style is known as a natori. To receive a natori certification, a dancer must master several classical dances and be recommended by Shihan Onoe Kikuyuki to the headmaster of the Onoe School of Dance in Tokyo, Japan. Once granted a natori certification, the dancer takes an Onoe name.

Natori under the tutilage  Shihan Onoe Kikuyuki
Onoe Yuka 
Onoe Yubuki
Onoe Yuzuki
Onoe Erika - Kikuyuki No Kai President
Onoe Melanie - (Provisional Status)
Onoe Yuriki - (Provisional Status)
Onoe Yoshine - (Provisional Status)
Onoe Kikuremi
Onoe Kikumirei
Onoe Kikumiyabi - Kikuyuki No Kai Vice President

Rising Natori
Kazuko Fifield - Level 3
Tamae Saso - Level 3
Christine Chang - Level 3
Noriko Hoffer - Level 3
Greg Nakamura - Level 3
Heather Saba - Level 3
Hatsue Kinley - Level 3
Fumiko Baxter - Level 2
Olivia Sentelle-Shintaku - Level 1
Aya Hoffman - Level 1
Sarah Platter - Level 1
Shiro Shintaku - Level 1
Erika Hodorowski - Level 1
Sanae Nakasone - Level 1
Katie Fitzgerald - Level 1
Sindy Huang - Level 1
Vivy Calizon - Level 1
Stephanie Song - Level 1